Do the work

I came across this phrase on Facebook just this week. And it fits so perfectly with what I’m going through, that I decided to turn it into a nice little reminder to display on the screen of my phone, computer and iPad, and now I’m sharing it with all of you.

Because every one of us has had to unfuck oneself at some point. Fight the dementor. Slay the dragon. Name it as you will, but the idea is that you have to face a hell of a fight, with none other than yourself.

And I don’t know about you, but it comforts me to know that I’m not alone, that somewhere out there, there are people fighting their own battles to become a better version of themselves. And suddenly, I feel empowered. I don’t feel weak anymore because we’re an army. We don’t know each other, but we are experiencing a similar struggle, and I like to think that every one of us, by working on ourselves, are planting a seed for a better world.

What have you done today?

Oh gosh. “Not much”, you may think. “Not enough”, may be your answer. “A freakin’ lot” you might be yelling in your head.

Whatever it is you responded, IT’S OK.

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Going green

A few years ago, I decided that I would adopt a greener lifestyle. I would shorten my showers, try my hand on green cleaning, stop using plastic bags for grocery shopping…

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For Mom

As you have probably noticed, I’m not a big fan of the “let’s show our love” kind of holidays. Why? Because I think we shouldn’t set aside one special day of the year to let our loved ones know that they are important to us, but instead we should try and make them feel loved every single day. After all, life is made of little moments, those tiny details that don’t seem important in the big scheme of things are what truly compose a happy life.

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A ladylike battle

I really, really don’t like to fight. I can’t stand violence.

And no matter where I look, it seems that lately, violence is everywhere… so it’s time to take a stand. Like a lady.

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In pursuit of happiness

In Japan, they have an annual tradition of enjoying the beauty of blooming flowers during spring. It’s called Hanami and is focused mainly on cherry blossoms because, when it first started many centuries ago, they were used to predict the year’s harvest as well as announce the rice-planting season. People believed there were spirits living inside the trees and made offerings to them. Afterwards, they partook of the offering with sake.

Today, people still gather to enjoy the flowers and have a party outdoors, surrounded by the blooming beauty of nature.

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Get organized!

Spring time is here!!! For me, it means absolute joy for the warmer weather and spare days, but also a thorough cleaning spree. Wheee!!! Not.

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Less is more

“In past times when one lived in contact with nature, abstraction was easy; it was done unconsciously. Now in our denaturalized age, abstraction becomes an effort.”
Piet Mondrian

Welcome to a new “section” of Blogologie: Icons.

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