Going green
27 May 2016

Going green

27 May 2016

A few years ago, I decided that I would adopt a greener lifestyle. I would shorten my showers, try my hand on green cleaning, stop using plastic bags for grocery shopping…

But the reality is habits are hard to beat. I got carried away by inertia and ended up buying a 9 lt. bottle of detergent at Costco. And when I realised I was falling in my own trap, it was already too late. Because honestly, I wouldn’t be doing the Earth any favor if I just decide to throw it all down the drain.

So, for the next few months, I’ll be forced to keep doing my laundry with my very synthetic and polluting detergent, which ironically, is a very bright green gel. OH THE REMORSE.

But, since remorse has never done any good to anyone, I decided to stop whining and make myself a reminder of my goal to go green (I have already started, but my full ecological recovery will take a long time, thanks to that infamous container in my laundry room). So this month’s wallpaper was born.

Rainy season is just starting around here, so my mental image of nature right now is a very cloudy sky over a wet soil scented meadow. However, I’m not very fond of using greys in my artwork, so my visual translation of a cloudy sky is blue. And green of course -like my resolution and the detergent 😋

To share my green endeavours if only by looking at your screen, click here to download the desktop version, here for the iPad one and finally here for the phone version.

Have an amazing June people, stick to your resolutions, and enjoy the little gifts nature gives us every day 🌱

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