In pursuit of happiness
08 Apr 2016

In pursuit of happiness

08 Apr 2016

In Japan, they have an annual tradition of enjoying the beauty of blooming flowers during spring. It’s called Hanami and is focused mainly on cherry blossoms because, when it first started many centuries ago, they were used to predict the year’s harvest as well as announce the rice-planting season. People believed there were spirits living inside the trees and made offerings to them. Afterwards, they partook of the offering with sake.

Today, people still gather to enjoy the flowers and have a party outdoors, surrounded by the blooming beauty of nature.

I’m a firm believer in making your little corner of the world a better place, so I find this tradition really inspiring. Especially since nowadays it all seems to be overflown by negativity: news outlets, social media, even the people on the street is angry or stressed at some level, so it makes sense to try and find joy in all the little places.

I don’t know how it was in the past or in other cultures, but I do know life in the 21st Century can be really challenging. And unless you find your particular recipe to stay sane, sooner or later it will get to you.

So, I’d like to share with you a little piece of what truly makes me happy and helps me deal with all the crazyness out there. In the last few months a lot of people have noticed how soothing it is to color. Suddenly you can find all kinds of coloring books everywhere. And, to jump on the bandwagon of coloring, for today’s Freebie Friday I’m sharing a coloring page I designed inspired on the beautiful tradition of Hanami. It doesn’t have any cherry blossoms because we all have a fixed mental image of cherry blossoms being pink (and of course they are), and this is about letting your creativity run free.

So color your heart out. Make your little corner of the world a happy place.
And above all, enjoy yourself 🙂


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