Get organized!
18 Mar 2016

Get organized!

18 Mar 2016

Spring time is here!!! For me, it means absolute joy for the warmer weather and spare days, but also a thorough cleaning spree. Wheee!!! Not.

Ok, so let’s be clear on this: I do not love cleaning, but I certainly enjoy its fruits. There’s an amazing feeling in decluttering your space: suddenly you feel lighter, happier and damn proud of yourself because you just defeated that awful pile of whatever that had been bothering you for months.

Some people like to do it in January, as a fresh start for the year. I rather do it in March because I am really fond of the season cycle and attuning yourself to nature and all that hippie stuff. Under that premise, Spring is the real beginning of the year, when mother nature awakens from the slumber of winter and the world gets prettier and full of baby bunnies.

So, if you find yourself tidying up your life this weekend and suddenly realize that you’ve been living under a disorganized mountain of crap, you’ll need to come up with a new system to put your earthly possessions in order. I change that system all the time, just for the sake of experimentation, (unless I find a way that works flawlessly for a certain area or category of items, in which case I stick to it. Forever ❤️) but I have found that labelling the containers/drawers/folders helps me stick to whatever method I chose. And it looks pretty and put together, which contributes to the clean and organized feeling.

To make your life easier and your home prettier, I designed an extensive set of labels for you to print out and stick around your home. You’ll find labels for your kitchen, closet, bathroom, cleaning supplies, pet stuff and office/studio.

Enjoy your newly decluttered life!!!



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