A little piece of advice
26 Feb 2016

A little piece of advice

26 Feb 2016

Today I was planning on writing an entirely different post from the one you are reading.

On what? I honestly couldn’t make up my mind, but I spent the best part of all morning sitting in front of my computer trying to decide on a topic. I had this list of topics I’m planning to write about, but something was off. It had nothing to do with the subjects and everything to do with the timing.


Let me explain.

February 26 seems like the most normal, unspecial, inconspicous day in the calendar, and it certainly is. Or not. It depends entirely on the perspective of whether or not we think it is a special day, worthy of celebration. And I’m not talking about party-like celebrations, but the mere acknowledgement of how lucky we are to breathe, to witness the wonders of nature, to be able to spend some time in this amazing planet. And be thankful for all of that.

I didn’t came to this realisation just a few hours ago, it’s something I have been thinking for a while now. I hope I don’t sound cheesy (too late!!!), but I think we tend to get tangled in our daily chores and forget to take a moment to stop and appreciate all the good things that we have. Because regardless of our personal struggles, challenging times or difficulties, believe me, we do.

The simple fact of sitting in front of your computer reading this post right now makes you truly fortunate, because it means you have a home with electricity; or maybe you are at the office, which means you have a job. And on a more basic level, it means you can see. It means you are alive.

So to celebrate the fact that we got to share a space and time in this amazing voyage of life, I got you a little something for your computer and your phoneto remind you to take a minute from your day and appreciate just how beautiful life is. And yes, to brighten up your homescreen while you remember that March is upon us (!!!) and there’s an amazing world waiting for you out there. Hopefully, whenever you see it, you’ll stop whatever you’re doing and take a moment for yourself 😉

April 14 update: Do you like the free desktop? You can now own it as a Casetify phonecase!!! 😀

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